Guidelines and Standards

Guidelines and Standards

The American Academy of Audiology's Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Preferred Futures (strategic plan), position statements, guidelines, reports, Scope of Practice, and Standards of Practice are key strategic documents essential to the Academy and the audiology profession. This area includes these resources and more, organized by topic.

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Adult Diagnostics
Adult Rehabilitation & Hearing Aids
Aging Issues
Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)
Classroom Acoustics
Hearing Assistance Technologies
Hearing Conservation
Humanitarian Issues
Infant Identification
Pediatric Diagnostics
Pediatric Rehabilitation & Hearing Aids
Professional Issues
Ototoxicity Monitoring

If you are not sure of the differences between the types of documents the Academy produces, for example, between the scope of practice and a practice guideline, check out the Academy Documents Glossary.

Instructions for Authors
Review the format and process authors should use when developing clinical practice guidelines.