Get Involved

Get Involved

Network and Learn

At the Academy, connecting you to a welcoming and dynamic community of peers is one of our principal goals and core member benefits. Some of the best ways for you to get connected include the Audiology Community, AudiologyNOW!, social media, and more.


Many of you most likely made your decision to pursue a career in audiology during your undergraduate education or later. As the profession of audiology continues to grow, a need exists to attract talented students with an interest in sound, balance, and the hearing sciences at a young age.

Public Awareness

Promote audiology with these hands-on resources for consumers, kids, teachers, and more. Remember October is National Audiology Awareness Month. Celebrate with updated resources and tools for your practice or at community centers, places of worship, and health fairs.


Volunteers are the backbone of the Academy. Volunteer to serve on a committee or task force and contribute ideas, propose solutions, and assist with strategies that move the audiology profession forward. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people and stay connected.