*Turn It to the Left!*
About the Rap *  
Recognizing that the risk of permanent hearing loss from noise exposure is very real for individuals of all ages, the American Academy of Audiology has undertaken a campaign to raise public awareness about the dangers of exposure to high-level sound and to raise funds in support of noise-induced hearing loss research. These activities have recently been fueled by Turn It to the Left, an educational rap song on noise-induced hearing loss written by the Academy’s good friend, musician Benjamin Jackson. The rap's "hook" urges all to take the volume control and "turn it to the left." Ben's live performance of this rap at AudiologyNOW!® 2007 in Denver received a standing ovation and much praise for its clever message aimed at young music lovers. And, he had everyone’s ear during an encore performance for Denver-area children and their parents in the DiscovEARy Zone! A CD containing this rap is now available as your gift when you make a $20 donation to the AAA Foundation's "Turn It to the Left" Fund. Funds raised are earmarked to support research in noise-induced hearing loss. Look for a future request for proposals in this area.

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